Think about a platform where...

University books, treatises, essays, manuals, technical and scientific journals can be sold in chapters or single articles at significantly lower price and commensurate with the actual needs of students, teachers, researchers and professionals

Every important news item from several worldwide newspapers or periodicals, no matter if politics or sport, science or gossip, can be read in original language and compared to other accounts of the same event and is made understandable to any reader in his/her own language

Any content producer / rightholder can be sure to receive prompt and fast payment of his/her rights in the full agreed amount

This is BABEL JUMPER’s Project: a new generation of publishing tools in all languages of the world!

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The kernel engine

Authors, editors and consumers, will be connected through a common core, that will be able to use sophisticate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques. The core (kernel) will be able to define and build the content base for all the platform features, performing a complete and detailed analysis of the full text of each document and identifying the language and the semantic context (i.e., the category of meaning associated to most of the content).



The kernel will allow the indexing of each document in order to make it precisely available by the end user according to the content sought, pursuing the aim of reducing irrelevant results.


Language detection

The kernel will detect the language of the text and the category of meaning which most of the text belongs to.


Cross Language

The kernel will allow a Cross Language search, associating texts in different languages but related to the same topic and containing keywords of the same meaning.

XLDND - Cross Languages daily news digest

The XLDND activity is the subset of the project that most benefits from Cross Language performance. Its potentiality concerns the comparison between products responding to the user's requests. XLDND can be assimilated to a news aggregator which, in addition to presenting the articles requested by the user by extracting them from the main publications in the language being searched, will present original news item dealing with the same fact/event in all the languages present on the system, sorted according to the degree of relevance with reference to the search carried out.

NNP - New Net Publishing

NNP is for the book market. Splits up the content of the works and facilitates the retrieval through special keys linked to the categorization of the content by linguistic and semantic characteristics. The NNP functionality will also allow to improve and enrich the product with Cross Language performances according to the requests and needs of the customer. They will also allow analytical reporting and re-elaboration of statistical data to be provided to participants in the system.

Babel Jumper and blockchain technologies


The BaBel Jumper project focuses on the use of the Blockchain in terms of both traceability and truthfulness of data, as well as for the management of property rights of authors.


The platform will allow the registration of digitised editorial contributions, the registration of copyright and any sale made.

The use of the blockchain for the management of copyright rights is a real strength of the project, able to bring innovation to the entire publishing sector for users, publishers and authors.


The BaBel Jumper project will be able to put end users and content creators in contact with each other, allowing both the uploading of works and transactions involving them through Blockchain.



Section contains fiction volumes, anthologies of and poetry syllogism. In ‘opposition’ to the Academy section, this section encompasses all works that are not targeted to a specific kind of knowledge or of use.


This line of products encompasses all university treatises, technical handbooks, and these works will be made available to the end user both in single chapters and in full. Also a ‘school’ line encompassing all textbooks for secondary school will be included in this main line.


The related product concerns Cross Language comparison of sources attaining to journalistic activity.

Token infos

BabelJumper Token (BBJT) is the token that allows you to access all the services of the platform and obtain exclusive discounts.
BBJT is a utility token, based on the well known ERC20 standard!
BBJT token lives on the well established Ethereum blockchain!

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Q1 2021

Start of development


Q3 2021

Kernel availability


Q4 2021

Pre commercial Alpha version of DND


Q4 2021

Commercial Alpha version of DND


Q2 2022

• Commercial Beta version of DND XL with 5 or 6 languages
• IT-DE translators, start of EN-DE and RU-DE translators


Q3 2022

• Commercial beta version XLDND 10 languages
• Start of NNP development


Q1 2023

• Beta version of NNP
• Beta version of DND with 10 languages and complete english translators


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